A holiday is all about freedom


Freedom from routines, schedules and instructions. It’s about listening to your heart and doing things at your own pace. Spending your holiday with a local friend is about living the places and their true essence. While, enjoying the spirit and warmth of the people and their culture.

With Your Greek Friend you will

Experience all the places that interest you, as per your preference and leisure, filtered through special suggestions from us. With us you will find the safety and comforts of and organized tour together with the freedom to listen to your heart and the certainty of discovering and experiencing the true character and spirit of less explored places, that guide book tourists usually miss. Not the places that cater exclusively to tourists, but places that are frequented by the locals. You will be treated as a guest not as a client.

As Your Greek Friend we will propose

A personalized itinerary based on unique, cool and charming places to visit, designed to fit your personal interests. In the same friendly caring and relaxed manner, as your friends do, when you go to visit them. We welcome all our friends to delight in the magic of our country, offering a more intimate experience, filled with great fun and entertainment. We offer you the hospitality that is inherent in our culture from the time of Homer.




Your Greek Friend

Our Rent a Friend service is currently available in the island of Santorini in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish as well as Greek.


From indulging luxury to life's simple pleasures

Your Greek Friend will work with you to find the best places and hot spots, in a flexible and dedicated manner. Choose from one of our enchanting interludes, carefully tailored to suit your taste. Infused with exquisite moments, and the simple elegance of the simple pleasures of life this majestic land has to offer. To mark a special occasion, during your holiday we can also organize your very own personalized moment of magic.